The prizes are awarded for:

-  outstanding research in the field of condensed matter physics and chemistry, materials science, biology, biochemistry, biophysics and medicine, carried out with the use of radiation beams generated in synchrotrons and free electron lasers, and

- contributions related to the construction of synchrotrons and free electron lasers.




Categories in which the prizes are awarded:




for a doctoral dissertation, completed (at least partially) and / or defended at Polish university or a national scientific unit, based on scientific research carried out in the areas described in point 1;




for a scientific paper or review publication in a peer-reviewed journal or in a book, based on scientific research carried out in the areas described in point 1;




for a popularizing work related to synchrotron radiation or free electron laser or for other activities aiming for the development of the synchrotron radiation community.




The prize is awarded through a competition, once in a year, to authors (teams consisting of all authors in the case of multi-author works) for publications / works dated during the three years preceding the year of awarding the prize. In the case of awards for publication (point 2b), temporary online versions will not be considered.


The necessary condition for the acceptance of the application is that:

a) in the case of category 2a - the author of the submitted work was a PhD student at a Polish university or national scientific unit;

b) in the case of category 2b and 2c - at least one author had affiliation in Poland.

PTPS membership is not a criterion for accepting the application.


The deadline for submitting a work to the prize is March 31 of a given year.




The application must be sent electronically to the PTPS Secretary to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The applicant receives an email confirmation of receipt of the application.




The work can be proposed for the prize by:


- a specialist or group of specialists in the field of research defined in point 1, including PTPS members,

- the author of the paper, author of the thesis or the thesis supervisor.




The application for the prize must contain:
(a) for category 2a:

- an electronic copy of the doctoral dissertation (or the www address of the repository if the work is freely available on the network),     

- copies of all dissertation reviews,


- short justification of the application prepared by applicant,

     - certificate of obtaining the doctoral degree (admitted a confirmed photocopy of the diploma);

(b) in the case of categories 2b and 2c:

     - an electronic copy of the publication, or a series of articles, or materials related to the submitted work (or www address if the work or related materials are unlimitedly  available on the network),

     - short justification of the application prepared by applicant.




By 15 April of a given year, the Management Board, after verifying the list of applications, appoints the Award Committee, whose composition is published on the website of PTPS. The composition of the Management Board will be selected annually from among the members of the PTPS Board and experts selected in a given year, depending on the subjects of the submitted works.




The Management Board announces its decision on selecting the Prize Winners or on not awarding the prize by June 15 of the given year. The decision of the Chapter is posted on the Society's website. If the winners are selected, the Management Board informs, within the same deadline, the Winners on awarding the PTPS prize in a written form or using the electronic mail.




The prize winners will receive diplomas signed by the President of the Society and the Chairman of the Management Board and an invitation to deliver a lecture at one of the conferences organized by the PTPS. The laureate is then waived from the conference fee.




Any issues not regulated by these regulations are decided by the Award Committee.