They told about us

PSRS in the eyes of others

„The synchrotron community in Poland is even bigger than I thought”
“Krystyna Jablonska has been representing Poland for many years in the ESRF council, and without her it would be impossible to renew this collaboration on long term basis...”
“The strong SR user community established in Poland was able to effectively lobby in favor of construction of the first Polish national synchrotron source SOLARIS in Krakow.”
“Over 300 researchers in more than 30 research and educational institutions are already involved in synchrotron radiation based research but use facilities abroad, Solaris provides proximity access and will no doubt facilitate usage - speeding up output, results and intensifying knowledge transfer within the scientific community in Poland.”
“Polish science has done a great service towards the construction and the quality assurance of the world’s most powerful linear accelerator.”
On June 4, 2019, the Chapter of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program awarded the President of PTPS, prof. dr hab. Wojciech Kwiatek the title of the Ambassador of Polish Congresses.