Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society is a nonprofit organization gathering enthusiasts of synchrotron radiation (SR) application in science. The statutory goals are scientific and educational activities promoting SR, including strong lobbying in favour of development and scientific applications of the first Polish synchrotron SOLARIS.

Since its establishing in 1991 the Society has showed outstanding activity:
– organizing conferences and schools: International School on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science (ISSRNS) and the Joint Meeting of PSRS Members and SOLARIS Centre Users,
– providing Polish representation in international bodies,
– easing access of Polish scientists to large world scientific infrastructure (synchrotrons and free electron lasers),
– broadcasting to the community information about relevant events, activities, providing link to the international community,
– publishing Synchrotron Radiation In Natural Science – Bulletin of the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society as well as educational materials (in Polish)


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Call for proposals under the fifth edition of the PSRS Award

The call for proposals under the fifth edition of the PSRS Award competition is open. The schedule for this competition is as follows: until September 30, 2024 – call for proposals. Applications should be sent to: sekretarz@synchrotron.org.pl. Applicant will receive an email with confirmation of the application acceptance. until December 31, 2024

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Crosscarpatian Synchrotron School

From 10 to 14 June 2024 the SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre organize Crosscarpatian Synchrotron School (CSS2024). The CSS2024 is aimed at students, postdoctoral, and senior scientists who have little, or no experience in the field of synchrotron radiation or dedicated synchrotron techniques. The planned hands-on workshop will consists of

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International Symposium SYLINDA

The SYLINDA International Symposium organized at the SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre will be held in hybrid mode from 7th to 8th of March 2024. The objective of the Symposium is to gather internationally renowned specialists in  X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) who will share their experience in using this analytical

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Workshop “XFEL for beginners”

On the 12th – 13th of October 2023, the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN in Krakow together with the Institute of Physics PAN in Warsaw will organize a workshop entitled: “XFELs for beginners”, with the aim to familiarize young scientists with the subject of research and measurement methods at X-ray

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